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1. Who is your dream boss?

Kylie Jenner

Bill Gates

Steve Jobs

Lord Sugar

Karren Brady

Randi Zuckerberg

2. Which image appeals to you most?


Office environment

Server room


Social Media

Event management

3. What quality best describes you?

Organised, I'm keen to learn

Persistent, I love a challenge

Creative, I'm a very visual thinker

Outgoing, can't live without some banter

Total legend, no need to explain obviously

Motivated, I'm always working towards my goals

4. What couldn’t you live without?

Networking on my phone

Gaming way into the night

Checking social over ten times a day!

Playing around with my gadget collection

Categorising my notes to stay organised

Keeping up to date with the latest apps and tech releases

5. Choose a TV series character that best describes you

Walter White

I know how to manage any situation (Breaking Bad)

Sheldon Cooper

I love my gadgets and my own opinion (The Big Bang Theory)

Jessica Day

I’m always really super positive (New Girl)

Tyrion Lannister

I’m the brains behind the plans (Game of Thrones)

Maurice Moss

I can solve anything with the power of technology (The IT Crowd)

Dexter Morgan

my tech skills put me one step ahead of the rest (Dexter)