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Adil, 26

"I'm setting an example, showing how age is just a number when you're on a digital apprenticeship".

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How did you start your career journey?

"I have always been interested in business. At Uni, I was studying International Business/Business Law but dropped out as I found out in the second year that education was not for me. I was always more of a practical learner rather than a theoretical learner. I have always wanted my own business and now, being a business admin apprentice in the Department of Education, I am learning business logistics on a much larger scale."

What's it like being an apprentice at your age? 

"I am really enjoying being an apprentice, it is not as much of a challenge as I imagined and I've fit in a lot easier than I thought I would. Many people find it hard to believe I am my age and an apprentice, this motivates me as I feel I have to show everyone that age does not matter with an apprenticeship."

What does being an apprentice mean to you?

"Being an apprentice means that I am learning new skills and gaining qualifications, so I'm 'winning' as I work, learn and don't get any debt.
I want to study business, whilst growing in my career and an apprenticeship lets me achieve this."

Who are your favourite influencers right now?

"Sir Alan Sugar has always been a big influence as he was a lad out of East London with nothing and now he's a multi millionaire. I am from East London with nothing and hope to make an impact as he has."

Do you feel a lot of pressure to prove yourself now that you chose a different route than most people your age?

"There is always pressure when choosing a different route, from work and social aspects. Socially most of my friends already have jobs and I am starting a career a little late, I feel as I need to catch up. I feel as if I must set an example to show it can lead to a good career and windows of opportunities that a Uni cannot."

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