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Abi, 18

"I'm getting paid to live my dream through a digital apprenticeship".

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What's it like being an apprentice at your age?

"Great! It's an amazing way to start a career, gain experience, learn and get a qualification as well as get paid!"

Do you feel a lot of pressure to deliver and prove yourself now that you chose a different route than most people your age?

"Sometimes, I'm constantly having to prove myself to others around me that I made the right choice by leaving sixth form to go straight into the working world – I think I’m doing a pretty good job!"

What does being an apprentice mean to you?

"Being an apprentice means that I am able to learn whilst getting real work experience and a salary! It's opened up so many new opportunities for me that I'm now a Data Analyst"

So, where does your confidence come from?

"Knowing that I am already in the position I am today without having to go to University and get a degree makes me very happy. I still have people saying to me that they are having to get a degree to get to where I am!"

How do you like to wind down after work?

"I like to have a drink at a bar occasionally. Now that it is summer, I like to have strolls down Hyde Park."

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