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Getting your results?

Hear our results day stories

Working towards your exams? You may not have prepared for results day so soon but it’s a good idea to know what to expect when the time comes. Whether it’s good news or bad, there are some big decisions to be made! Find out first hand from our apprentices why they decided to choose an apprenticeship after results day and what advice they would give if they were in your shoes.

Why choose an apprenticeship on results day?

How will you celebrate results day?

Why you should consider a QA apprenticeship…

Are you…

  • Wondering if you have made the right school or career choice? 
  • Eager to get work experience with top employers?
  • Wanting to get all the qualifications you need without any debt?
  • Worrying about your grades?

If yes, then a QA apprenticeship could be the right career next step for you.

We have a range of IT and Digital apprenticeships tailor made to help you excel in your chosen career path and most of all they’re completely debt free - all you need is 5 GCSE's! The questions are, how on earth will you choose? Oh, that’s right, we’ve mapped out all the apprenticeship options to help you decide.

We’re professional match-makers so if you’re still not sure which programme is for you, take part in our genius career quiz to find out your true calling.

How to prepare for upcoming results

Applying to become a QA apprentice is really straightforward, plus we have apprenticeship jobs starting all year round so there’s absolutely no need to wait. Before you apply, you just need to ensure you meet the following criteria:

  • You’re passionate about your chosen programme area
  • You’re between 16 and 24 years old
  • You have (or are projected to achieve) 5 A-C GCSEs / 5 Standards (Level 1-3) or National Level 5 grades

Do you tick all those boxes? If yes, you are ready to secure your conditional offer with QA Apprenticeships.

Results day support

Results day can be a really stressful experience (trust us we been through plenty of them) so we are here to help. Our advisors are experts when it comes to career options and they are here to talk you through all the choices you have before results day.

Call us to speak to our friendly team on 0345 074 7825 or email