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Don't know what career step to take next?

Making career decisions can be extremely stressful especially if you have no experience in the sectors you are considering, how will you know what you want to do? Endless options to choose from when leaving school or college can make that all important career decision daunting, so we are here to lift some of the pressure and provide tips on career searching.

Listen to your experiences

Hated Maths at school? Simple, don’t pick a career in Mathematics! Your experiences are personal and a good voice to listen to when deciding on an industry, don’t choose a career because you think you will earn more. Take it from us, a career that has the whole package is much more worthwhile than a pay cheque!

Money, money, money…

A lot of people are money-motivated and so choose a career based on salary alone. The truth is that very few entry-level jobs pay top-dollar and those that do tend to have a catch – maybe the company will work you extremely hard or perhaps the industry will be pretty dull – if something seems too good to be true it often is.

On the other hand, many people are motivated to do something they always loved as a child such as acting or playing football and then find they struggle along making very little money and resent their choices. Clearly, there are those lucky few that do manage to succeed in their dream job and make money at it but there are less risky ways to do this.

Finding a job in a good industry, with good prospects and lots of options for career mobility can offer you the best of both worlds. You will get long-term salary perks (as IT is one of the highest paying sectors in the UK) and you can always continue your passion outside of work.

IT is often regarded as a specialist sector to work in, but the truth is that it is a great springboard for career success – whether you stay in IT or use it as a starting point to develop good business knowledge and then choose to move sideways or upwards into a different area within a company.

Need a little more help?

Our career professionals have crafted a handy quiz to help match you up with the perfect career that is best suited to your experience and views. Click here to take the quiz and find a compatible career that is right for you.

Combine something you're good at with future career benefits

You may not have considered an apprenticeship as the career option for you but they are a great way to get into a career and gain practical experience alongside experts in their fields. Apprenticeships teach you to be great at your job not just know the theory to pass a test, interested? 

We can help you on your career journey by starting out with one of our apprenticeship programmes tailored to prepare you for the world’s leading industry sectors. Click here to get clued up about all of our courses and to kick-start your job.


Don't just take it from us...

1. How has your apprenticeship helped within your job role?

Since starting my apprenticeship I feel like I have grown in confidence. This has helped within my job role because I have gained knowledge and experience from working in a professional environment and dealing with different situations. The training I have received from my apprenticeship has allowed me to become more comfortable when completing specific tasks within in my role. This is because I am able to apply what I have learnt from each training course to my daily tasks. My apprenticeships has helped me develop my personal learning and thinking skills which I use every day in my job role. For example it has helped solve problems that may occur, work effectively with other people and make decisions about certain things within my role.

2. What have you learnt in the workplace and can you compare it to the training you receive with QA?

In the workplace I have learnt about my rights and responsibilities being an apprentice for the business. I also receive practical training from my manager which helps me improve my knowledge and develop new skills by putting what I’ve learnt into my work. I am able to put the skills I have learnt into practise whilst getting on-hand support to show me how things are done if I need help. This compares to the training I’ve received with QA because I receive guidance and support from tutors to ensure I understand the topic I am learning about by participating in activities and applying it to workplace scenarios.

3. What’s your overall experience with the apprenticeship?

I am coming towards the end of my apprenticeship within the next few months and I feel like the overall experience of my apprenticeship has been really positive. I have been supported by QA throughout. When I’ve needed help it was there for me, or when I’ve had any questions or issues my assessor would help and support me. I’ve had a great experience so far and I’ve learnt a lot from my apprenticeship which will help benefit me in the future. The apprenticeship has built my confidence from working in a professional environment and interacting with new people. I’ve really enjoyed the training I’ve received with QA for my qualification and I have been able to apply it directly to my role.


Chloe Beevers, Digital Marketing apprentice
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