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Busting the top 5 apprenticeship myths...

We’re excited to shout about the great benefits that our apprenticeships can offer you! The question is, do you really know what an apprenticeship is and what they can offer?

90% of the time the answer tends to be, ‘umm I’m not too sure”, so now is your chance to get clued up on the real facts!

We’ll be busting the top 5 myths and misconceptions around what an apprenticeship really is...

Myth 1: “Apprenticeships are for people who failed their A-Levels”

Wrong! This is one of the biggest mix-ups about apprenticeships. They’re open to everyone, with career progression routes built in from GCSE to degree level, there are many different routes you can take with an apprenticeship, all you need is to have is 5 GCSE's to qualify!

Did you know employers are actually looking for enthusiastic, high achievers looking to kick-start their career…a good reason to make an apprenticeship your Plan A.

Myth 2: “You’ll just be making tea and coffee”


You couldn’t be more wrong! Employers hire apprentices so that they can get the future talent that their business depends on so, from day one you are given real work experience alongside industry professionals, where your opinions and contributions are valued.

So yes, you might be younger than some of your other colleagues, but that does not mean you’ll be running around in the kitchen!

Myth 3: “I won’t be earning as much as graduates”


First things first, you won’t have any university debt, that’s an extra £27,000 in your pocket.

Also, you'll be building the right technical skills you need for your role in the industry as well as the soft skills that are translatable in any workplace – all of which graduates have to build once they get a job.

Not only that, but you could earn up to £250 a week while training, gaining on the job skills and experience – all debt free!

Myth 4: “In order to have a good career I have to go to Uni”

Absolutely not! Apprenticeships can take you all the way to the top, opening up a lot of doors for you. All the qualifications you’ll work towards are well recognised by employers and you’ll even have the opportunity to choose our new apprenticeship degree track.

So yes there are other ways to get a degree, the only difference is that you'll also get real work experience so you'll be one step ahead of all those graduates!

Myth 5: “Apprenticeships are just for jobs in construction”


Wrong! Did you know that you could be working in some of the biggest industries such as IT, media, journalism and business, with companies such as Microsoft, Cisco, British Airways and Atos.

These companies see a real value in training and growing apprentices from day one but it doesn’t stop there, 92% of our apprentice graduates go onto full-time jobs.

So here's what you'll actually get;

  • A real job and wages from day one
  • Industry recognised qualifications
  • Ofsted assessed ‘world class’ training
  • Professional experience
  • A network to other tech-savvy apprentices, just like you!

How can I get involved?

Check out our apprenticeship opportunities here or apply for a role with us now.

Alternatively, you could get in touch with one of our friendly team members to find out more on 0345 074 7825