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QA have experienced a record number of apprenticeship applications this summer, suggesting the apprenticeship route to a career is becoming more popular with school and college leavers.

We received 25% more applications for our apprenticeship programmes this summer (June to August) compared to the same period last year.

Summer is always the busiest time of year for us at QA. GCSE and A level results naturally lead young people to think about what is next for them. The record increase this year suggests that awareness of apprenticeships is on the up, and more school and college leavers are now choosing the apprenticeship route to get the career they want.

We work year-round with schools, colleges, parents, and young people to promote the fantastic career opportunities apprenticeships provide to get into tech. We also work with thousands of employers across the country to help them utilise apprenticeships to fill skills gaps in their organisation and develop the talent they need.

Apprenticeships offer great and exciting opportunities to both young people and employers alike. With the value they bring businesses and career-seekers – we expect the trend to continue and apprenticeships to be on the up for some time to come.

Are you a career-seeker? Find out if an apprenticeship would be right for you. 

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IT Systems and Networking traineeship
London, W1J 03 Jul 17
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Business Admin Traineeship
Leyton, E10 03 Jul 17
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Digital Marketing Traineeship
Leyton, E10 03 Jul 17
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Business Admin Trainee
London, SE1 03 Jul 17
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IT Support Apprentice
£150.00 per week London, SW6 07 Jul 17
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