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QA Apprenticeships, the UK’s largest provider of IT apprenticeships have become the latest sponsor of registered charity, The Artemis Network to promote and create gender equality in the IT industry.

Viv Dykstra, Director of The Artemis Network says: This partnership is between two organisations that share a strong commitment to seeing significant increase in the number of young women entering the IT industry. It promises to be a dynamic collaboration that will inform the career decisions of hundreds of girls across the UK.

QA Apprenticeships will be the exclusive apprenticeship partner and all female QA apprentices will be invited to join The Artemis Network, benefiting from the membership network and learning resources that the charity offers. The Artemis Network in turn will raise awareness - via a series of school events for sixth-form girls - of the work experience and apprenticeship opportunities available at QA.

QA became the first IT apprenticeships business to place 5000 young people into the UK workforce and this landmark was achieved in less than five years. Adding further to this incredible achievement, the training and employability hub are committed to encouraging more young females into the IT industry where they are currently underrepresented. Women account for only 16% of IT and Telecom professionals, even though females make up nearly half of the UK workforce as a whole.

The Artemis Network exists to raise awareness among young women of the broad spectrum of career paths available to them, particularly in those sectors where a gender imbalance currently exists, and to equip them with key skills that will increase their employability. A new charity, with a particular focus on careers in the Science, Technology, Engineering and Finance/Maths (STEM) industries, The Artemis Network offers UK-wide coaching, mentoring and networking opportunities for girls aged between 16 and 21.

Siobhan Cronin, Head of Engagement for QA Apprenticeships says, “The IT industry needs serious PR with millennial girls. With prominent female industry leaders like Sheryl Sandberg and Marissa Mayer carving a name out for themselves in tech, it is time that this is reflected in the next generation’s ambitions. We aim to inspire and motivate young women to take control of their futures, and by engaging with them from such an early age, we hope to make an impact.


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