We understand that every employer we work with is different, so we make sure all our clients receive the support they need for their apprenticeship programme to succeed.

We offer the same high level of service no matter the size of the company. Our support team will help you:

  • Find the high-calibre candidates you need
  • Arrange relevant apprenticeship funding
  • Assess and monitor your apprentice’s progress
  • Support apprentices throughout their programme
  • Arrange an individual learning plan for every apprentice
  • Implement a successful programme by providing support when needed

How do apprentices help small businesses?

1. Retain talent

You’re making a commitment to your apprentice by giving them a fantastic career opportunity with a clear development plan – which in turn allows them to make a commitment to you and become a valuable and loyal employee. You also have the opportunity to provide bright local talent with an alternative to university with our degree apprenticeship progression route.

2. Get a flexible solution

We’ve built in a step off point after 12-14 months if continuing study into the second part of our apprenticeship programme isn’t right for you. Apprentices will still gain their Level 3 qualification (on the Advanced to Higher apprenticeship) or a Foundation Degree (on the Degree apprenticeship) if they do step off. You’ll also still gain a valuable and loyal employee trained in skills relevant to their job role.

3. Grow your own talent

Get the skills your business needs by growing your own talent on our apprenticeship programmes. Our apprenticeships combine high-quality training with real-world experience in the workplace. This quickly develops apprentices’ skills so they can become productive for the business straight away. Our programmes provide industry-relevant training and vendor qualifications, so apprentices get the technical knowledge and skills that are relevant to their job role.

4. Reduce costs

Reduce the need for costly retraining of new staff or outsourcing work to contractors by upskilling talent on our apprenticeships. Our programmes include in-built progression providing a clear personal development plan for your new/existing staff – teaching them higher-level technical skills as they progress through the programme.

5. Access an untapped pool of local candidates

Competition for hiring experienced staff is tough and as a result employers are facing skills gaps that they’re struggling to fill. With our apprenticeships you can access a relatively untapped pool of enthusiastic local talent and upskill them with high-quality training relevant to their job role.

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