Front-loaded technical training

We front load the training of our apprentices to boost their productivity faster.

Our trainers are experts in their fields and are part of a QA tutor team responsible for delivering over 500,000 training days a year.

Where does the training take place? - view our locations.

Regular contact from dedicated staff

Once your apprentice has started work, you'll be given a dedicated QA support team responsible for looking after your progress.

They will help you:

  • Draw up your training plan
  • Send you advance notice of QA training weeks
  • Assess your apprentice's portfolio of work-based training
  • Visit every 6-8 weeks to discuss their work and update their schedule with you
  • Ensure your apprentice achieves the targets you set

Detailed training schedules

We will draw up a training schedule for your apprentice’s learning so you can anticipate:

  • When your apprentice will be away on training
  • What skills they will be learning
  • Projects you can allocate
  • When they will achieve their qualification
  • Balancing their course workload with their role

Your apprentice will be offsite for QA training – how much depends on which programme you choose.

Your apprentice will need to work on their portfolio for 4-5 hours per week; how you choose to add this to their workload – either at work or in their own time – is up to you and will be aided by your support team.

Moving forward - ongoing consultancy

When your programme nears its end, QA Apprenticeships will give you further advice and guidance on how to create a personal development plan for your apprentice's ongoing role:

  • Wider projects, roles and teams
  • Suitable salaries
  • Other support and QA qualifications available

There are no post-apprenticeship costs, and your apprentice may be able to claim a discount on further QA training once they complete.