QA Apprenticeships works with large-scale and influential employers, including Atos and Cisco to develop tailored corporate apprenticeship programmes.

We have significant expertise in designing and delivering high quality development programmes. We can tailor make programmes for your company or why not look at some of our existing programmes here!

We do more than just access your funding. We can:

  • Provide consultancy and support in setting up the project
  • Give you access to our specialised apprenticeship recruitment service or utilise your existing processes
  • Provide structured design and development services for your new programmes and qualifications
  • Give you programme managers and service delivery managers, specialised in apprenticeship training, to help you get the project launched
  • Deliver customised and bespoke apprenticeship training on a commercial basis
  • Schedule training at times and places to suit your business locations across England and Scotland

Our expertise

QA Apprenticeships won Apprenticeship Programme of the Year three years running in 2012, 2013 and 2014.

We have a thorough understanding of what is necessary to create apprenticeship programmes that deliver the skills and knowledge required by corporate businesses. We will also ensure the programme adheres to all of the funding rules and associated legislation.

This approach is inherited from QA’s long-standing position as the UK's leading provider of B2B technical and project management learning. QA is uniquely placed to utilise its extensive commercial and vendor portfolio of training programmes, to provide role and company-specific work-based programmes with academic qualifications.

Our reputation is built on providing learning that enables employees to develop their skills and improve performance in the workplace. This approach is mirrored in our apprenticeship work, where we are focused on providing the most up-to-date and commercially relevant training on the market.

Next steps

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