I came from a sixth form where pretty much everybody went to uni. I never even really considered what the other options were for me, someone who always knew they wanted to get into Computer Science, and had just blindly gone through UCAS on the assumption that everyone who succeeds in life goes to university.

The problem with this assumption is that everybody is different, as cliché as that sounds. I hated A-Levels, in fact I hated the majority of my school life, apart from the small instances when I wasn't doing the set work. It was extremely naïve of me to believe that going into further education was really going to change any of that, essentially I was now paying to be in an environment where I was doing even more unengaging work than I had done during my A-Levels. After a couple of months I ended up thinking, “Can I really see myself sitting here for another three years in education; something I’ve never enjoyed?” The answer, of course, was no.

After about a week of researching apprenticeships and applying for various roles I finally came across QA Apprenticeships. It seemed ideal to me, applying for a single company that would then do all the hard work for me. They would send my CV out to the companies that they thought best suited me (ones that wouldn't be available to anyone outside of QA), and then train me to get great qualifications once I got the job.

After a day of QA accepting me, I had an interview at a major spread betting firm, and the next day an interview for BP. I was amazed by how quick and simple the whole process was; I expected months of perfecting my CV, applying to companies, doing assessment days and final interviews. But on the evening of my first interview with BP I had an offer to work there.

QA has helped me completely restructure my life plans, and they've done it so much quicker than I had expected the process to take. It’s been about a month since I applied to them, and I’m due to start work this week; it certainly beats spending a whole year applying to universities through UCAS!

University isn’t for everyone. If you like the sound of working in a major organisation, doing something you love, gaining valuable experience in an actual work place, getting relevant qualifications and getting paid for it, just talk to someone about at QA Apprenticeships and explore your options.

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