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Apprenticeships are taking off by storm! The Government has committed to 3,000,000 apprenticeship starts by 2020 and more and more employers are choosing to take on apprentices, so they a pretty BIG deal. At QA, we have a network of over 1,500 employers, from fun and funky local agencies to huge multinational corporations including Microsoft, Atos and Cisco.

Sounds interesting but still need convincing? From the moments of worry to rewarding success, find out first-hand from our apprentices why they chose to follow the apprenticeship route and why it was the best decision they have ever made.

Hear our QA apprentice stories below.

How did you decide what to do after school?

Struggling to decide what to do after school, worried about your future career path or just need some relevant experience under your belt?

Why are so many people choosing an apprenticeship?

Being at the forefront of an industry isn’t the only reason apprenticeships are becoming more and more popular!

Why are employers choosing to take on apprentices?

It’s not just apprentices that benefit from a QA apprenticeship; many of the UK’s most forward-thinking employers now view apprentices as the lifeblood of their organisation.

University or apprenticeship?

Sometimes it can be daunting to follow your dreams and stray away from the norm of going to university but there are so many other career options that you can pursue that still offer you a degree!

Don’t miss out! Challenge yourself, learn new skills and get on the career ladder today.