Earn £250 by finding your own employer

OW Qa Icon PoundYou’ve got the skills, you’ve got the drive; all you need now is the job. QA Apprenticeships will give you £250 in vouchers if you can find and secure your own employment.

How does it work?

If you have approached an employer yourself and they seem interested in potentially taking you on as an apprentice, then just let our apprenticeship team know on 0345 074 7825 / 01753  898715.

We will speak with the employer and help to getting you started on your apprenticeship as soon as possible!

What should I say?

OW Qa Icon SpeechbubbleAsk your QA Apprenticeships Resourcer for more information on this but here is a little snippet of information that you can tell an employer to try and convince them to take you on as an apprentice:

- Salary = "Ideally, I would like my salary to be in the region of £7,800 per annum"
- Mention your interest in the company or the industry you're trying to work in
- Explain the benefits of the apprenticeship programme and the type of training you will recieve

If you're unsure of what to say to an employer, your QA Resourcer will be happy to speak to them on your behalf. 

Where do I start looking?

OW QA Icon Magnifying Glass- Do you have a parent or relative whose company could benefit from a new member of IT, sales or business administration staff?
- Are you checking local jobs boards and careers centres?
- Does your school or college have an IT department or office role?
- Try applying speculatively to lots of companies
- Do your research: Make sure you know how the apprenticeship works before you speak to employers. For example, if you're 19+, an employer will have to pay more towards your training.

For more detailed information and advice on how to find your own employer, click here.

Terms & conditions

OW Qa Icon InfoTo secure this £250 voucher offer:

  • The employer must pass all QA health and safety checks
  • The amount is payable after completing six weeks of the apprenticeship programme
  • The job you find can't be a vacancy that QA Apprenticeships itself has sourced
  • Your apprenticeships training must be delivered by QA Apprenticeships
  • This offer only applies if the employer is a new customer of QA Apprenticeships
  • An apprentice cannot claim the offer for progressing onto a higher level apprenticeship after they finish their current apprenticeship with the same employer