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In order to get the job you want, you will have to go through an interview process. Make sure you are as prepared as possible with QA's advice for the interview stage and you can greatly increase your chances of getting an apprenticeship as soon as possible.

Top tips to ace your interview

Research the company!

Looking into the company you're visiting helps you to discuss their business and understand what’s important to them. Try to find out:

  • What are their main strengths?
  • What products and services do they provide?
  • Who are they trying to sell to?
  • Who’s their competition, and how do they compare?

 If you know these things, you can understand and explain how your skills and training will be useful to them.

Get the basics right

Make sure you've got these details before you even start preparing for your interview. You want to be as prepared as you can be!

  • Where is it?
  • Who are you meeting?
  • What do you need to bring with you?

These points may seem obvious, but it would make a bad first impression if you’re not sure who you have to meet!

Know your strengths

It’s important that you know what strengths you have, not only does it give you a mental boost but it helps you identify the best areas to work on. Here are a few good examples of some strengths you can talk about in an interview:

  • Organisation
  • Team work
  • Leadership
  • Positivity
  • Creativity
  • Logical thinking

Remember, you're trying to make a good first impression. A little preparation will help you ace the interview.

If you want more information have a look at our e-books which include a fantastic guide to interviews. Or call one of our advisers on 0345 074 7825

The interview questions and how to answer them

Here's a snippet of advice from our "Top interview questions and how to answer them" guide, get the full list of tips by contacting us.

So tell me about yourself

Although not technically a question, this is still one of the most difficult things to respond to in an interview. The main thing that is tricky to get your head around is where do you begin? The best way to prepare an answer for this question is to prepare a simple structure to help you open and close your answer:

- Beginning: Talk about your education, mention any relevant qualifications you may have gained that might be helpful for the apprenticeship you are applying for
- Middle: Speak about what interests you about the chosen apprenticeship you have gone for. Have you done anything similar before? Have you done anything relevant in your spare time? What previous jobs have you had?
- End: Finish with why you believe you would be an appropriate choice for the position you have applied form and how you can benefit their company.

Make sure that what you’re speaking about is going to be of interest to the employer, and brief enough to maintain their attention.

Cracking the dress code

Here's a snippet of advice from our "Cracking the dress code" guide, get the full list of tips by contacting us.

- Formal/smart business attire: This is the smartest dress code and the most common. If you have been asked to present yourself in Formal Business Attire, then make sure you are immaculately dressed
- Men: Business suit, formal shirt (top button done up), smart shoes, tie (done up to the top), formal coat (no biker jackets), monocle (just kidding)
- Women: Business suit, or business skirt (with tights and not too short) & blazer, smart shirt (not low-cut, and not see-through), dress shoes (with heel & closed toe ideally), formal coat

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