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The most life-changing weeks of your life so far are just around the corner.

Here are QA Apprenticeships’ tips to help you get ready for your exams!


  • Quiet places to study are important: Make sure you're in a room where you're not interrupted
  • Ask your teachers if there's still something you don't understand: Don't just leave it to chance if you're unsure about anything
  • Work hard and play hard: Making time to relax keeps a healthy balance and reduces stress
  • Use time wisely: Study leave is a great way to get on top of revision, don’t just leave it to the last minute!
  • Work together: You could revise by teaching others. A good way to check whether you understand something is by seeing if you can explain it to someone else
  • Revision guides: Revision guides are written to make revision manageable, make sure to use them!
  • Practice exams: Having the subject knowledge is all very well, but if you don’t know exam technique then that might not matter. Make sure to do as many mock exams as you can

The night before

  • Don’t panic! Make sure not to panic yourself by revising completely new topics. Read over key ideas and summaries that will remind you of what you know
  • Sleep: Make sure you get plenty of sleep. There’s no use cramming till the early hours of the morning and being too tired to remember when you wake up

On the day

  • Know your timetable: There’s nothing worse than missing an exam and having all those weeks of revision go down the drain

The exam

  • Exam technique: Make sure you know what technique suits you best. Some people will do the easiest questions first, others will go in order. Do what suits you best
  • Read the questions: Always make sure you read the questions thoroughly before answering. Underline or highlight key words in the question to make sure that you understand what it is saying

Good luck!