Formed in 2008, QA Apprenticeships is an award winning provider of IT Apprenticeships throughout England and Scotland. Below are QA Apprenticeships' visions & values. 

  • Goal - The UK’s leading provider of new entrant recruitment and training for business services and IT sectors
  • Vision - Transforming futures through learning
  • Mission - To recruit, train and develop new entrants to meet the needs of employers through the provision of world class recruitment and learning services

British Values:

Part of the Prevent Agenda

QA believes it is important to allow all learners to be respected and enjoy the liberties and entitlements that a democratic society provides. To fulfill our commitment to the Prevent Agenda, QA has responded to the additional safeguarding requirements. We embed all recommended practices to the teaching and learning of all programme beneficiaries, including partners and employers. Below are the values which we are dedicated to exemplifying and encouraging:

  • DemocracyYou have the right to live in a society where you can vote, and have your say on how things are done
  • Individual liberty - You have the right to live and speak freely
  • The rule of the lawYou have the right to live in a law abiding society, where the law protects its citizens. You are innocent until proven guilty
  • Respect and toleranceYou have the right to be respected and tolerated regardless of your background, culture, gender, age, sexuality, religion or belief

These things are your rights and the rights of everyone else in Britain, and it is your responsibility to promote this in QA, at work and at home. 

If you have any questions or concerns about this, please email or visit the official government website for more information!